Transport Project Specialists Ltd

Transport Project Specialists Ltd is a reputable consultancy renowned for its expertise in designing sustainable transportation solutions. Established in 2012 as NigScot International Ltd, we have since evolved into a leading force in transport planning and civil engineering, with operational bases in Scotland and London.

Our Expertise

While our proficiency in delivering exceptional training and workshops remains a cornerstone of our services, our capabilities extend well beyond apprenticeship programmes. Our seasoned specialists boast extensive experience across various facets of transport planning, including transport policy, economics, modelling, road safety, and more. We take pride in serving a diverse clientele, from prominent private sector entities to esteemed local authorities and public sector organisations across the UK and internationally.

Our Vision

Our vision transcends mere training provision; we aspire to shape the future of transport planning and engineering. By offering unparalleled training opportunities to both emerging and seasoned professionals, we are nurturing a new generation of talent. Furthermore, our steadfast commitment to delivering bespoke consultancy services underscores our dedication to fostering transport sustainability and driving economic growth. Our ultimate ambition is to lead the charge as the foremost transport planning training provider in the UK.

Ethics & Professionalism

Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology, economic insights, and management acumen to deliver engineering solutions that stand the test of time. Our approach ensures not only client satisfaction but also serves the broader interests of communities and stakeholders.